When it’s tough, make yourself tougher 👍🏻

How wonderful success had been if it would have appeared in front of us the moment we wished it? Maybe we won’t have even valued and nurtured it. Maybe we’d have lost our sense of purpose and vitality with every bit and fragment of it.

Success is really awesome, thankfully. It makes us fall in love with it when it’s away from us, and makes us even more humble and open to life once it lands in our bounty.

We’ve always been talking about that success comes to those who do different things and also in a manner different from he rest of the world. Researchers have now proved that the greatest factor that determines success of an individual is their grit. Persistence to stay focused on their dream irrespective of the past failures or the present worries.

A pure future is created from the spotless present bearing no tinge of the past.

Is it impossible? No it ain’t. Is is difficult? Of course it is. Is it worth it? Well, your choices create your destiny.

Why we are discussing time and it’s importance whilst talking about persistence? Because persistent people have a set of standards and they keep on raising those standards irrespective of what happened in the past. Doesn’t mean that they weren’t broke. Simply means what they chose to focus on became their destiny.

Each day, as we wake up, we have a choice. A choice to move forward and to amaze the world by our very presence. All the great marvels on and outside this planet were created by people no different than you and I. We may live the same day 365 times and call it a year, or we may break free from the chains of the brain’s chatter and listen to our intuition and change the world in the process.

The billion dollar question is: What life changing choice are you making today?

All my hatsoff to the committed spirit seated within all of us!