Pay ₹24K per annum and be flawless

At a place where I stay, there are an array of salons.

Was about to walk into my usual salon, when all of a sudden my tired mind made a decision in a whim and I stepped into another salon.

As I stepped in there, something immediately did not feel right.

In the ten minutes their executive did my eyebrows, the owner of this small salon sat next to me and tried to sell me bigger (and more expensive) services.

I was somehow being convinced to believe how many flaws I had and somehow they would magically disappear if I took their services every month.

Give them the sale to become flawless. Such a hook, hook, hook (zero jab).

Here’s the part I pitied them the most: Their services were awesome.

The 5 second massage that their executive did on my eyebrows post threading them, was more than relieving. Yet, decided not to go back to them again because they didn’t care about the relationship. I was (not so) subtly given the sign that money is all they care for.

Despite having a great product / service, they lose a client who would have probably given them bigger business.

Care not about the money, care about the relationship and money shall follow.