A day will come…

When you will enter a crowded metro

Take out a snack from your bag and eat it there, and clean hands with your jeans.

And then you’ll smile at finally having reached there.

It’ll make you appreciate the metro crowd.

And when you do it, you’ll realise this solitude was all that you needed.

The best time to appreciate what you have, is now.

A bad day.

Set myself some goals for today.

Work goals, reading goals, phone-call goals, meditation goals.

Accomplished none of them fully. How much did I actually accomplish, doesn’t make sense because incompleteness is incompleteness.

Also I used social media for 1 hour! It was a big big wastage of time in the morning immediately after breakfast.

Lesson learnt: Own your morning ritual and the day falls into place.

Lesson I still need to learn: You get to decide. You control your day. If you focus, it’s possible in 25% of the time.

Lesson I must learn: No one loves you basis social media comments and likes. Sharing content is good just because you want to. Opening multiple tabs is equivalent to eating food without washing your hands – unwanted invitation.

Looking forward to telling you a success story tomorrow. Till then, keep rocking!

PS: I am strong, healthy and with my family. Life is fab. Utterly grateful. Will just raise it higher tomorrow:)

About growth




Likes and comments.

Four circles or three arrows in your car brand.

Centralised AC.

Chimney that doesn’t make any noise.

Success – we have measured it by metrics that world has taught us to.

Maybe it isn’t success. Maybe success is the way you really want.

There’s nothing wrong with material things, if you really want them.

If that’s not what really makes you happy, then we really need to live and grow by our own version of happiness.

To hear

The sound of people singing in the home next to mine.

Crackling of leaves in my own home.

Sound of one vehicle passing by.

Modi Ji’s speech in the neighbourhood.

Dogs barking yards away.

Be grateful for what you can hear when there is no veil to hide it. The veil will come soon.


Some of the things we all must be grateful for, especially in these times:

1. That we have salt to add in our food.

2. We can call our parents and tell them “I love you.”

3. You are aware enough to be indoors, and not being stubborn and behaving like nothing has happened.

4. You have a peaceful night sleep.

5. There are doctors who work with patients who are infected, and still continue to serve.

6. Sun is rising daily.

7. You have a roof over your head.

8. You have a blanket.

9. Oxygen isn’t contaminated.

10. The selfless spirit of delivery boys, trash pickers, house maids, car cleaners, vegetables and fruit vendors, public transport drivers, etc., is way beyond we could ever imagine. Huge gratitude to them, for working when their families also want them to be home.

These are small, and hugely important things. If we would miss out on any of these, life would become very difficult or perhaps impossible in some cases.

Spend your free (and busy) time being grateful.

Life always comes a full circle

You lost yourself.

And shattered the remaining part of you.

Now, in the process of getting back, you become someone who you aren’t.

Not only that, you hypnotise yourself to believe that you are that.

Then, in a sudden event of things, being yourself starts getting easier and more comfortable.

And that comfort zone makes you expand your confines.

This is the real journey: coming back from being lost. Back to real home.


The ability to communicate is a hallmark of strong human being.

The ability to not speak when not required to, is a hallmark of stronger people.

Also, don’t expect a human being with a weak heart to have an attitude of gratitude. You have that gratitude for being the strong human being, and keep moving.


A grand thing today may have went wrong. It’s okay.

Thousand grandest things are working perfect. Get out of one wrong and do those thousand perfectly…that is the way of the hero.

Because guess what, if things don’t ever go wrong, we will never realise the importance of gratitude and what a wonderful therapy it is. Right?

And every single person you know, failed more than they got successful. Success is always a numbers game Dude.