Is new the gold?

Recently a new version of a popular song was launched in India.

The old version was a super hit, and was composed by one of the renowned names in the music industry.

Almost every Influencer on social media posted about how they adored the old version and the current version was lame. Yet the new version, as of this writing has 32Mn views on YouTube versus the old one having 26Mn.

If the old version was rightly more melodic, and everyone so rightly agreed to it, why is there a dramatic difference in the number of views they have?

Is it because it is easier to criticise and people were just exploring the facts to be rightly sure of it?

Or is it because we realise the importance of something great when we are served with something worse?

Or maybe, the mind loves consuming dancing cat videos more than a great inspirational talk – because consuming great content requires responsibility?

It could be any or all of them, yet it shows how much power we as humans are blessed with.

We can twist the wheel in any direction. The question is, which one we choose today?

About workout

Today morning, I woke up on time, did my meditation and went back to sleep.

By the time I got up again, it was already the time for breakfast. Also, was feeling very hungry. So decided to skip exercise in the morning, and thought to do it in the evening.

Around 12 noon, when I opened up the fridge to prepare for lunch, a different thing happened. I just felt the NEED for exercise.

So I dropped my plan of cooking, and stated exercising. Had lunch around 1:45PM post workout.

Though lunch got delayed too much, learnt a powerful thing about life: we always know what is right.

Our body is also telling us what is right.

All that we need to do, is to listen.

If you have the ability…

If you have the ability to think, think wisely. Not negatively.

If you have the ability to speak, speak words that build people up, not tear them down.

If you have the ability to give something, give regard to people versus judging them in your head.

If you have the ability to walk, create a pathway you would be proud of, instead of closing doors for others.

If you have the ability to see, see the other human being with dignity and respect, not to put them down.

Your life changes in these small situations only. And never handle a situation like this.