Positivity is cool

There is already a ton of negativity out there in the world.

People are already suffering.

Give them something what they need: positivity and understanding.

It’s not old school, it’s the most important gift they could get.

The only way to give that gift is to have it yourself in the first place. Take care of what goes inside your head.

You are an Influencer


Such a cool term.

Such a term to be going forward to.

Such a wonderful term to be associated with.

Such a term that people want to give up everything in order to become one.

Here’s a truth you’ll definitely love: You are an Influencer.

If not millions, there is AT LEAST ONE person who looks at you and decides their route.

They may be online, or even a child at home or a younger sibling or a nephew or niece.

People set you as an example.

Do you set yourself as one?