Is your education worth it?

Back in my school days, rather for the entire time of my formal education, I was a top scoring student.

  • How many of real world skills are dependent on the numbers you got?
  • Yes, your marks gave you a kick-start at the beginning of your career, however, did they decide your entire future? Never.
  • We all have countless examples of back-benchers who went out to do amazing things in life, then why do we still place so much importance on formal education?

What if you don’t get it?

The thing that you are looking for, is superficial.

You will not get it because it depends on someone else seeing it in you.

You will get it because being honest deep within, is a rare trait to be acknowledged. Let that trait shine on, even when there is acknowledgment coming from someone else to someone else. Being authentic is rare, live up to that.

Candy Crush rules

It is hard.

The easiest thing is to sit on the couch and eat French fries. Or play Candy Crush.

Waking up in the morning and working out relentlessly didn’t come easy to Jordan as well.

It is going to take a lot out of you to get there. Yet if you don’t make the efforts to get there you will get to a place it would be very difficult to get back from.

Working requires hard work.

Doing nothing requires hardest work to deal with yourself.

You get to decide.

The cooking compound interest

When I had initially learnt to cook, I’d multiply the amount of water and spices by the number of people who were eating the food.

Since I knew the perfect ingredients for my dal rice, i.e., what I cook for myself in Noida – while cooking the same for my parents at home I’d just put 3X water and salt.

Thinking it would work.

Except that it didn’t.

It requires lesser water than 3X of a single person’s water. It is just building up.

In life if we want to do something that seems humongous, we just need to begin the difficult process. As we keep taking small steps, we realise in the latter half of the journey that later you don’t have to make those 3X or 4X of efforts at the start.

The compound interest of your efforts will be more than enough to make you reach the destination.

You just need to start. Will you?

That quick chutney

I love imli chutney. Whenever I go home, I just being a can filled with it, prepared by my Mom.

Since we are in the middle of a lockdown and I am unable to go home, today I asked Maa to teach me how to make chutney.

What she described as a process took me 90 minutes just to crush the tamarind! Pre and post processes notwithstanding.

Process. Journey. Of going through the crushing process. Of just going through it.

Going through it.

Most difficult process

Beatles didn’t become Beatles by recording just one song in their entire career.

Dr. Deepak Chopra is known to be well-known for his correlation of medicine and spirituality by simply running Instagram ads on a Wednesday morning.

The office of your boss  that is bigger than a hotel  room was built one brick at a time.

The Instagram account that runs ads and gains a thousand followers daily, has been posting valuable content daily. Three years plus in a row now.

O, btw, the need to scroll your feed also came from “just one more time”.

So did the need to eat that unhealthy food. “What difference does one day make?” lead to a greater circumference around the central region of their body.

Or that anger at a random person driving their car harshly on the road. That came from not being compassionate with yourself in the morning and sitting for meditation, anyway.

Process is the Queen and the King. Reward is just the crown, it comes automatically when you go through the process strategically.

The question is, for every moment you’re wasting, the process is taking longer. Are you willing to risk that much time?

Process versus product

Product means nothing, if process is flawed.

If process is powerful, end product really doesn’t matter (so much).

If people wait for weekend without working really hard on weekdays, they aren’t really going to enjoy the weekends.

It would be rather slogging.

If people do great work on weekdays then weekends won’t matter much, because they will be fulfilled from within.


Process versus product.