Indirect matters

You cannot measure the revenue a customer will bring basis your product.

It also depends on:
– how you treat them
– do you really mean that kindness
– how much you care about customer satisfaction at the core
– what do you do to raise that bar
– how do you listen to customer queries and complaints

The existing customer, will then decide how many people would he decide to turn into your permanent ones.

Applies to all areas of life. Your social media. Your friends. How you treat them. How you treat yourself. Who are you friends with.

The tiniest things that we do, even how careful or ruthless we are while applying toothpaste on our brush, determines how successful we become – financially and in every other area .

Building a great brand

In a world where most of us are quarantined, being customer centric versus self centric is a wonderful opportunity brands can leverage.

For example, Zomato, the food delivery app, is still accepting orders. However all their online content is now focused on eating home-made food. 

Air Asia, is the airline that has had zero lay-offs when all its revenue is built down to zero. The senior officials have foregone their salaries. A perfect example of running a family.

Similar is the case with Fittr, whose business also came down due to lockdown.

A brand is defined by what it does in difficult times. The hearts we touch is the blessings (and consequent revenue) we receive.