Happy this Dushehra?

As a kid, we used to go to my Naani’s home to witness Ravan being slayed.

Over a period of time as we grew up, Nana passed away and Naani got older, the tradition stopped.

This time, when there is no Dushehra mela, it reminds of something deeper: that some day there will be nothing more.

And it won’t be sad. It would rather be a reminder of how much inner evils we need to uproot. Because if we have uprooted all of them, we’d be happy by default.

Till when? Kab tak?

When you are angry, ask yourself:

Is this how you will allow your mood to be affected?

Each time?

No matter how wrong they are, will your “right-ness” be defined by someone else?

Is that the kind of life you want to settle for?

The only person with you for whole life is you. Perhaps that is the only place where change could happen.

Can we be more vulnerable?


Sitting at a lunch table in my office. Usually I eat on time (i.e., 12:30 PM) which is early for a lot of people, so I am just by myself.

This fine day, I saw a colleague sitting on a table. I walk up to that table and sit there. With the hope of sharing a laugh or having a good conversation, we end up doing nothing. Because he just doesn’t want to talk. Maybe he’s too occupied in his mind with work. Angry with someone. Whatever the reason be, we don’t talk aka my initiation is not even responded. Not even the presence is acknowledged by making an eye contact.

I move on. As my first year roommate rightly taught me, “What’s the point of getting affected by people if you don’t have to get married to them?” As ‘lol’-worthy that statement was, it has helped me immensely.

Fast forward to today morning: 2020

I get a message from that very ex-colleague. It was in response to a WhatsApp story I had shared about a job opening.

We exchange pleasantries, share a dialogue or two of “haha”, and then we’re done.

A part of me wants to reconnect with that old colleague. Wants to listen to their struggles. Wants to lend an ear to their pains. Wants to let them know that they are not alone. For no reason at all, just the acknowledgment of a shared human connection.

Yet, I do not try to open the door that they had closed on me. Not because I was wearing a mask of ego. Had that been the case, I won’t have shared the job details with them. Rather because, I was vulnerable with them and was not taken in the right light.

And standing for yourself is the best gift you could give to yourself. This is a small thing.

Let’s break barriers with those who don’t create new ones. Right?


Either you do something good or bad, there will be people questioning you.

Just make sure you don’t question yourself.

That doesn’t mean not making the mistakes, it rather means not owning your life.

Own your life.

Don’t question yourself at the end of it that why you gave up.

New people

Met incredible people. Or met people that drained your energy.

Though both of these are good, what is great is how much time you spent with yourself alone.

If not, then whatever we do is going to be a replica of the world, not an originality.

Taare Zameen Par

Jab bhi kabhi

Papa mujhe

Jo zor se

Jhula jhulaate hain Maa

(Ab Papa jhula to nahi jhulate par metaphorical jhula jhulate hain)

Meri nazar

Dhundhe tujhe

Sochu yehi

Tu aake thaamegi Maa…

Unse main yeh kehta nahi

Par sehem jaata hu main Maa

(Shayad Maa bhi sehmi hui hai)

Chehre pe aane deta nahi

Dil hi dil mein ghabraata hu Maa

Tujhe sab hai pata

Hai na Maa

Tujhe sab hai pataaaa

Meri Maa ❣️

The story of betrayal

Recently, someone whom I trusted professionally betrayed my trust – of course, professionally.

Not for the first time. Rather for the nth time.

Then why am I still stuck?
When is the right time to leave?
Why don’t I teach them a lesson?

Honestly I don’t know. Because no coin is two-dimensional with two sides, every coin is a 3D art with multiple aspects. Not that I am not able to see clearly, rather I am waiting for the right time.

There are multiple virtues of being young and there is a vice of acting on impulse because you’re young. Never let the vice ruin your life forever. Thinking before acting is a superpower. Not acting for long is lack of trust in yourself. Finding that balance is what makes you irresistable.