Got to sleep on time

From not wasting time today from yesterday, I gotta sleep on time, which is 9:15pm (the time of writing the blog).

See you all tomorrow, thoda jaldi 🙂

PS: You are not tired when you do not create waste thoughts. Waste thougths create tiredness.

I must commit…

…that I wasted 2 hours today!

Which could have been used to walk, read, write and think.

Thus, writing this online, so that I do not do that again!

If you follow me on any of my social profiles, please drop a DM as a reminder to not waste anymore time. I’d be highly grateful! 🙂


What causes us trauma?
An event that had a negative outcome.

Why do we still have that negativity in our head?
Because it makes us believe that we were useless.

Why does that belief hold so much importance for us?
Because someone we trusted made us feel that way.

So do you mean that trauma is caused by people you trust?
Yes. If it were from strangers, it would be called trolling. Not trauma.

Does this mean love precedes trauma?
Nope. Attachment precedes trauma.

Not love?
If you truly love yourself, nobody can ever shake you. If you truly know and love yourself.

I feel lonely. A lot.

Off late, I have started feeling lonely. A lot.

A very close friend recently broke up with me. Without telling me. When I reached out, she did state the reason being something I did. But she broke up without telling me! Didn’t a friendship of 10 years deserve a closure? Perhaps even a fact that she felt bad because of something? She just left as it is… And when I suggested that even I felt bad because of a few things, she did agree to listen to those. But her response felt very cold. So I backed off.

But I do miss her. A lot. The “no-formality zone” of wishing each other on festivals, talking random things out of nowhere on WhatsApp, and most importantly, having someone to talk to when the world turned upside down, is what is missing.

But everything, almost everything always happens for good or better. And we will come out better from this – if we get back again. Or if we don’t.

Some one-liners

  1. You don’t cry unnecessarily. Everything is telling you something out loud. Listen to it.
  2. The world goes along with what looks good. Ignore that and go for what feels good, will always make you feel good.
  3. If something is too good to be true, it is.
  4. Use your wisdom more than you use your ears and eyes. Not all that you see and hear is true.
  5. Take a break. You’ll be better off from it.