Sometimes I wish…

Sometimes I wish I was super rich so that I could write all day, and do nothing else.

But you know what, those who do wishful thinking and do not act, their wishes are never fulfilled.

Rather be so good that all your good wishes have no option but to get fulfilled.

Being good > having desires

Harsh truths of life

When people shout it out loud through their conduct that they don’t care about you, do not trust their words that they do. Actions still speak louder than words.

Sometimes people want their motive to be fulfilled by you. Do not mistake that for care.

“Are you over it? Good.”
No, I am not over it. I am learning life lessons from it.
I am over the fact that I expected I could have a conversation with you, without you proving that you were 100% right all through.

Not everything is a small thing. A gentle reminder.

It is not a bad thing if someone hurt you unknowingly.
It IS a bad thing if they don’t care even after you tell them that they hurt you.

It’s such a small thing

The world keeps telling that to us over and over again.

Quicker than we know, your sense of self-worth has gone for a toss.

If it is a big thing to you, it is a big thing.
No matter what anyone else says.

You may learn to process it.
You may learn to live with it.
You may perhaps even learn to let go of it if it happens again.

However, unless you let what is important to you become important for you, you are living someone else’s life.

You don’t deserve that, my friend.


Did not want to go home for the long weekend coming ahead.
Went there just two weeks back.
I have my home here as well, to take care of.
Plus, going to the railway station is not a wonderful experience.
Not to mention, the rich become rich because they keep their expenses in check.
Anyway, having wonderful ways to celebrate over here.

Btw, spoke to Mom. And she is fine.

Turns out, Moms are the best when they are outside of influence of other family members 🙂

How reading changes your life

You will realise this only when you start reading.

You will start reading only when you stop scrolling.

You will stop scrolling only when you know how powerful you are.

You will realise how powerful you are only when you give yourself the space to be.

And the space to be emerges only when you let go of what you do right now for what you want to be.

High School Musical

I was in school when I was introduced to the movie by my elder sister.
We used to dance to the songs, hum them along, and basically feel joy in watching it.
Especially back then when the only way to watch the movie was when Disney channel decided to telecast it.

Recently, I happened to watch the movie again. All three of them. (The last movie I watched was Gully Boy and I do NOT watch movies, but IDK why I did so. Not a good thing, though.)

Anyway, this is what emerged when I re-watched the trilogy:

Some moments and scenes in the movie reminded me of some exact scenes happening in my own home – my Mom screaming to get things done, or Mom asking to shut the TV (Mom, it is HSM – it doesn’t air daily!) because a relative had arrived, or my sister neglecting my jumping around at some points in the first edition.

It made me think how some things have a narrative attached to them. I have moved on from all of that – not being acknowledged because I was the youngest in family, my movies not being given equal importance as Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, relatives are always more important, your joy is our joke, and all.

I basically re-lived those moments in my old home – the ones I had no awareness of affecting me so deeply, so much so that I had moved on from them, however, they somewhere still lived within me.

That is why, moving on is so important.

When you stay stuck, you stay stuck.
When you move on, you do move on eventually, so much so that you forget those things altogether (unless of course you do not recollect them).

Move on, baby. You will actually move on.

What is the job of a leader?

The job of a leader is to do the right thing.

Even though they don’t feel like doing it.

Because whenever you are put in a spot where you impact several other lives, it is not only about doing your job well. It is also about doing your job in a manner that allows people who work with you even for a little time, to set you as a barometer of how work is done.

Your job is not to do your job. Your job is to set an example for everyone to see how to do a job really well, and do it in a manner to be engraved in people’s hearts.