Should you ask?

There is a popular saying that goes: You will only get things only when you ask people.

Though that’s true, a bigger aspect is not being desperate.

Just focus on being happy and grateful where toh are, everything else will be drawn to you quicker than you think.

Trust yourself, as much as you trust everyone else.

What is trust?

What is the meaning of trust?

Does it mean keeping people’s secrets?

I think it’s beyond that.

When we work with a client, we trust them and so do they trust us (yes, despite the advance and samples.)

When we work in a job, our employer trusts us for our deliverables and so do we trust them for being paid.

When we are hanging around with our friends, we trust them that they will walk with us if we aren’t wrong to them in our hearts.

Trust. A baby is born trusting their parents. With time and experiences, they lose a bit of trust each day as they morph into the real world.

However, isn’t the “real world” created by us? And we create it each day when we keep people’s trust when they didn’t expect it or when we break it when they least expected it.

What is the real world that we are creating today?

When people take advantage of you

Do you sometimes feel people are taking too much advantage of you?

You are good, however, instead of appreciating you they walk over you?

I understand a lot of genuine, hardworking and transparent people go through this. Especially the ones who live by their values no matter what happens.

Here’s a question that would be of help:

“Have you ever stopped to be good to your own goodness, and not offer it to someone who won’t recognize it?”

Probably no.

The truth is, in the desire to be good and do more good, we don’t remember to create a boundary.

A boundary, where we stop offering others because we know we deserve ourselves before them.
A boundary, where we listen to our intuition and see that the best goodness is goodness to thine own self.
A boundary, where you can fill your cup so it could be good again, not that you get empty forever.

There is nothing wrong with being good.
However, it’s worth thinking if you are good to others before yourself.

Where do you live?

You could be living in a spiritual organisation and be broken inside.

You could be living in the normal world like all of us and be super aware of who you are and what you allow.

Where do you live matters – whether you live in the right place to show it to the world or you live in the right place in your heart?

Insurance documents bro!

People will not understand you. They will expect from you, yet they won’t probably reciprocate it.

What to do then?

Should you also reciprocate?

Well, we all have tried it and it never worked.

The only thing that could be the solution for everything, every single thing is to keep yourself strong from inside. It’s an insurance no one could take away.

Like every insurance, you have to pay consistent premium (aka learning) in order to actually avail the benefits.

Like every insurance, you will have to stop frivolous spends (hanging around with those people) to be able to pay premium without fail.