Make that change!

If you don’t want your boss to call you on a weekend, have a separate phone for personal life.

If you don’t want to make the same mistake every day, change your systems instead of cursing yourself.

If you don’t want to fall in bad relationships over and over again, seek therapy to weed off the problem from the root.

Make the change. It is your life. You own it to yourself.

There is no other way

There is no other way than to write daily.

There is no other way than to show up for practice daily.

There is no other way to feeling peaceful than to meditate daily.

There is no other way to health and fitness than to get your workout, food and sleep in order.

There is no other way to good relationships than to forgive those who don’t even know they made a mistake.

There is no other way to feeling fulfilled than to attending to yourself first.

There is no other way to validation than to spend time with yourself, talking to yourself.

There is no other way to an empty head than to venting out everything on a journal.

There is no other way to success than to have a relentless pursuit of the daily essentials.
Because it is in the mundane that the fun we gain.
If jazzy and snazzy brought results, Warren Buffet, Ratan Tata and your favourite person would not be where you are today.

A lot of myself

A colleague in our team resigned from work today.

She stated she isn’t having enough time to pursue her freelancing, along with the work that we offer her.

Fair enough.
Totally respect her sentiment.
And her audacity to speak her truth out.

Very few people would actually do it.

However, on some days I see a lot of myself in her.

I also want to run away from things when they are not working out.
I also want to run away from problematic relationships (both professional and personal) at times.
I also want to run away from everything I am doing to start afresh, with fresh set of perspectives and people.

What we forget, however, is that wherever we go, we take ourselves with us.

You may run away from people.
You may run away from circumstances.
You may also run away from the pressure someone else put you through.

However, how will you ever run away from yourself?

The part of you that does not feel okay with the thing it is running away from.
The habits of people that trigger something in you.
The issues your behaviour exhibits when it comes in contact with something that is unpleasant to you.

This in no way means that you should continue working on and working with what is not working out.

However, what this surely means is when something is not working out in the outer world, there is certainly something within us as well that needs to be fixed. We move on from the toxic people and places however hardly sit around to get rid of our own toxicity as well.
Thus, it is important for us to reflect that in ourselves as well.

Otherwise, we would be like that single person who just moved on from a toxic relationship, only to land themselves into another one – because they did not fix the part of themselves that fell into that toxic relationship in the first place.

The pain doesn’t go away

I had been struggling with a problem for quite some time now.

Yesterday as I went out with a friend, I forgot that problem for a while.

And then in came to me again.

Which is how it should be.

You gotta deal with your pain.
And resolve your issues.
So that it goes away.

Most of us just try to numb it by doing more things that are external.
We go out. Eat out. Party hard. Post on Instagram.
Basically put as many bandages without healing the wound.

However, not attending to the wound is only going to make it worse.

We may go out into the world, however, if we are not going within our world, we are merely puppets of our own trauma, instead of being masters of our emotions.
But the only person you go to bed with, is you. Not the glitz and glam. Not the insta likes and insta stories. And certainly not the external bandages you choose.

If you don’t deal with pain, it eventually becomes a choice.

Missing home

I came back from my parents’ home today, however, I am missing them today.

It is such a bittersweet emotion.

When at home, there is anger and fights. But there is warmth, family, and love.

What I do want to learn, is to be in the moment, even more.

Whatever that means.

Intentions and Actions

I know someone who has really good intentions for me. They have helped me navigate my biggest issues in this year.

However, quite often, their words become so rude, that I often have to tell myself: But they intend really well!

Today, I chose to address their rude tonality. Because a lot of how they speak was starting to get reflected in my conversations, and multiple people gave me the feedback that I should be kinder.

I don’t know how it would affect our relationship further.
However, I wanted to make it clear to them that I addressed what was uncomfortable.

And that is the first step in showing people how to treat me.

Accepting rudeness once is being kind.
Accepting rudeness every time is being a fool.