Life lessons

  1. Be BFF with God
  2. Less phone is the formula for more happiness. Never changes.
  3. If you are spending time on the internet whole day and still not listening to a good video / podcast in the background, you are not making the best use of your time.
  4. Write better.
  5. The best way to change your mood is through food
  6. Please apply a hair conditioner 🙂

It’s not about you

People behaving badly, it’s not about you.

They’re not responding, it’s not about you.

They are being rude, it’s not about you.

The world is already out there telling you all the bad things about you, at least you stand for yourself.

You are perfect, there is NOTHING wrong in you.


When people bring others down, I don’t get angry on them.

I have pity on them.

How much pain they must be enduring, to get to a place of bringing others down.

It helps to bless them, instead of getting angry at them!

About my 20’s

Yesterday I wrote a thread on Twitter that went quite viral. It spoke about how I managed writing along with my job as a CA for some 5+ years.

However, there is also a part of my 20’s that didn’t get shared: how my nervous system got affected due to the wrong relationships I put myself into – in 2010 and 2016.

Even I didn’t realise it, however, yesterday when my therapist spoke of this residual anxiety, it all made so much sense.

All of a sudden my anxiety behaviours start making sense now. And this is where the love of writing helped me cope.

While it helped me a lot, a lot of behaviours that seem to pop up these days are still to be resolved.

What you see, has a lot of back story that you cannot see.