I wanna be rich!

I wanna be rich because I want to undervalue hard working and well-deserving people.

I wanna be rich so that I can say “I am not making any money off it, but you will get exposure from me.”

I wanna be rich so that I can refer hard working underpaid people to other rich people so they keep working hard and stay paupers.

I wanna be rich so that I can tell people “Money is not everything.”

I wanna be rich so that I forget all sense of empathy about how I started with humble beginnings and take advantage of my richness by spending it on things but never on people who make things possible for me.

I wanna be rich because I am sick and tired of crying because of rich people who pay a fraction of what I deserve just because they are rich.

I wanna be rich because honestly I am sick and tired of rich people.

Cold rice and hot burning dal

Since I was burning with fever yesterday, the rice I prepared day before yesterday was used yesterday as well.

Used it as fried rice for lunch and dal rice for dinner.

The dal was freshly prepared, and the rice were cold. So when I poured hot burning dal on rice, the mixture still seemed sort of cold.

It made me think – as to how much power does being “chilled out” have. No matter how hot (or angry) someone else is, when you are chilled out, anything that comes in your contact also gets chilled out.

Would you want to give this a try?

Doing more in less time

For the past one week, I had been on a meditation retreat.

9+ hours of daily meditation. Group exercise for 30 minutes. Resting well as well, for 7 hours a day.
Along with that, I used to do my freelancing and clients’ work as well.
No deviation. Just skipped two meetings.

What used to take four days, was now taking an hour daily, i.e., four hours a week.

It is magic. Except that its not.

When we meditate and focus, we leave contact with distractions.
The mind has all its powers at one place and that is priceless.
The rays are now focussed through a magnifying glass instead of the paper just lying there in the sunlight.

The world has taught us that it isn’t possible. But guess what? That is the same world that is on social media the entire day!

It’s sad, however, the truth

The parenting we have had determines our life.

However, most people after becoming adults become their own parents. And sadly, they treat themselves exactly how their parents treated them.

A part of growing up is growing your beliefs and altering our truth. That is what truly differentiates an educated person from someone with just a degree.

Oh no!

I am retreating in an ashram these days.

Of all things, one of the most epic ones is the food here. Very simple. Every meal has 4-7 items, and those are the basic Indian food. The best in the world. Tastier than anything I have eaten.

Today I met someone who said that she is eating protein bar and granola because her stomach is not well.

I feel really sorry for her. For two things:
– Relying on “packed food” to make her “healthy”
– Not understanding the vibes of food cooked in an ashram.

This is precisely most people are unhealthy and unhappy.

I want you to read the last line again.