What do you do when in pain?

I write.
Write my heart out.
So much so, that these days I am finally writing my new book out <3
Life is so beautiful, I cannot begin to tell you when I write.

But that’s for me.

What do you do, my friend?

Once you have checked out everyone’s Insta stories and WhatsApp stories of Uncles and Aunts who divorced fitness the moment they divorced teenage, what do you do after that, my friend?

Do you play basketball?
Or your favourite musical instrument?
Do you go for a run?
Or intense strength training?
Or maybe cleaning your home?

What do you do my friend, when you are in pain?

What’s stopping you to do that often?

5 stages of grief

Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ popular theory of grief entails 5 stages – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.
For most people, some stages happen in overlap.

However, what if we made acceptance a part of our lives?

Here’s how: The spiritual class I go to daily, teach us how to never get angry. You know what happens because of that? My process of grief is: denial, bargain, depression and acceptance.
Quite literally!

You see how that worked?
Because something was not allowed for you, you thrived in the absence of it.

Thus, if the entire role of the process of grief is to go to acceptance, why not make acceptance a part of your lifestyle?

Do not wait for grief. Have acceptance in the smallest things like maid going on a leave when you wanted them to come.
Do not wait for heartbreak. Have acceptance in the smallest rejections from people.
Do not wait for a bad remark from your boss. Have acceptance in the mistakes you made.

Acceptance holds you accountable to yourself. And to the fact that a lot of things in this world drama could not be controlled. Which is an emotion and a thought in our control. Only if we accept it ๐Ÿ™‚

Meet Anil

Anil is a server at a boutique hotel in Kerela, in Flamingo Marari.

Maybe the lead of the team.

I don’t know.

However, what I do know is he works like a leader.

Listening to customer requirements.
Remembering their priorities.
Remembering what they loved.
Taking care of creating custom orders when the guests demand so.

He does all of it despite knowing that he makes way less than the guests whom he serves.

However, his smile makes him the richest person on earth.
Because he is happy.
Because he is care.
Because he knows that sometimes going big is not about making more money. It is about making it to the blog of a random person on the internet because you left such a huge impact.

Happiness and care >>>

Why everyone must write

Writing is an important art.

Not only for writers. For everyone.

Because there is NO ONE of us who doesn’t write.

Text messages.
Senti Insta stories.

It’s a tragedy we do not take a moment to work on an art we use DAILY, irrespective of what our profession is.

When to use a short sentence.
To induce impact.
Like I just did.

When to have a longer sentence to take the reader on a journey because writing is communication.
Like I just did.

And human beings suffer from loneliness in the absence of communication.
And in the absence of an improper one as well.

Take the time to write.
And to learn to write.
Just like you took the time to learn to drive.
It didn’t make your profession as a “driver” but it was to learn how to drive. Because you do that daily.
And here we are, writing daily still not learning to write.

No wonder why our communication skills (and relationships) suck.

Write baby, write.

It will only help you.
And even heal you in the process.

The UNO Spotlight Effect

The Spotlight Effect says that we think everyone is thinking of us, while in reality, everyone is thinking of themselves.

Here is how I would twist it:

Because we didn’t take the time to think of our own selves, we are now thinking if others are thinking of us!

We want to be cared because we cared of our wants so little.