I really don’t know how people with hangover from alcohol get over it.

For me, I was hung over from the fun of the last offsite (it was great, but it was so hangover-seducing as well), that I am sleeping a lot!!

Anyway, hence proved, that staying in senses >>>


Someone shared a huge life problem they were going through, recently.

Not that they shared, rather it was too evident on their face.

Which was in the middle of living their best life right now while travelling.

What it made me think was:

  • You can go travel the world and “live your best life” on Instagram
  • But what happens in your mind stays unhealed, if you don’t heal it
  • Because everywhere you go, you take yourself with you

Travelling isn’t the problem. But not healing yourself to let what someone else did to reflect on your face, shows that the travel that you think will solve your problems – won’t. Unless you make it a priority to travel within.

Inside is the new in-thing! Where no one will take you, other than you. πŸ™‚

The weirdest email I have ever wrote

I just got a new cycle. Vlog here πŸ™‚

And then the next thing I had to figure out was how to have pump at my disposal. Also, since I have gotten a gift of basketball and there is a stadium next to my home, that was also a thing to have.

So, I wrote to a CEO of a good startup, asking his advice for telling me which pump to buy! Not because he is a CEO, rather because he posts a lot of content of his cycling journeys, and is indeed a pro.

So why not seek help from the best?

Of course he replied with an Amazon link, which is what I had asked for πŸ™‚

Weirdness is the new cool, isn’t it? :))

Allow pressure to stop at you

You will be reeling under a lot of pressure.

Lots of hurt. Lots of stones being thrown at you. Everyone (including the ones you count on) will make sure to only prove their point.

Make it stop at you.
Do not transfer it.
Deal with it.
Talk to those who give it to you.
If you can’t talk, figure a way out of that pressure.

But don’t transfer it. Don’t. Please.

Money ain’t gonna get you honey

Someone asked me how can they make money while sitting at home.

Me: Multiple ways. Take courses. Learn a new skill. Freelance. Reach out. Etc.
Towards the end, I also mentioned how they can make money directly by going to Cheggs, Bartleby, etc.

Since then, they pushed me to send them link to those. Also inserted Udemy link. Because if you aren’t growing, why are you expecting to grow your money?

They only wanted how to make money. Understandable. But to learn the art of making money, is the real money.

Seth Godin

I was watching a video of an interview of Seth Godin with my boss, and man, this man inspires me so much.

He was looking into the video because that would go on the screen, but was also looking into the Zoom screen, to make the conversation real.

He was smiling at a smile-worthy thing my boss said.

And was referring an Indian example, because, of course, we are Indians.

One of the most real human beings. Please do yourself a favour and go follow him. You will not regret.

The truth about good work

The truth about good work is that very few people will tell you that you did good work.

However, when you don’t do that good work, the very same people will share it with you.

Not to blame those people. I think we have done it as well, a lot of the times.

So the way out, is to go appreciate people for the good thing they do. Even when it is expected out of them. Gratitude isn’t getting big things. It is about being appreciative of the small things. And that’s superpowerful.