Maa Papa sometimes surprise me

Today I bought an iPad. As I was showing it to my parents, they asked if it was possible for it to function on mobile data.

I said it is possible, but that model was 13K costlier.

Should have bought it. You bought it for your work, so always buy the best thing.

Wowww! In a world where kids do not tell the right prices of their Apple products to their parents, I was beautifully surprised by this response from them!

Wonderful how things work out when you play with the truth.

Boss Lady

To be a boss lady, you do not have to become the boss of the team. You just have to be the boss of your life.

Lemme show that to you with an example:

Pic 1
Pic 2

If you observe closely, in Pic 1 I am having a fake smile versus I’m just being a natural in Pic 2.

Why so? Because that day I was going to do something that I should have said no to. So I was not in my best frame of mind. It is from 2018.

In pic 2, from March 2021, I’m just myself all the time. Being happy, saying no to things that don’t matter, and more than anything else, being the boss of my life.

So, if you want to be the Boss Lady, just live your life on your own terms. And not to impress anyone.

Why so angry, baby?

Anger. The word whose existence kills most relationships.

Even when people are aware that they need to stop getting so angry, why aren’t they able to change it?

Because they want their needs to be met first.

I want to be respected by my friends.
I want to earn more than a colleague.
I should be the priority for getting perks.

I want…

And when we don’t get these things we get bruised in our minds. That inner hurt is reflected as anger, sooner or later.

What if, we try the other way round?

I respect my friends and I know they also love and respect me, even if they don’t express it.
What I earn is right for me and whatever raise I deserve, will come to me.
Everyone is getting all the perks they deserve. It’s us vs me.

It turns out, when we change the inner conversation, the outer and inner anger vanishes.

Guess who is responsible for our anger then?
Guess who has the power to change it?

The power we look for outside, is the inner power we do not use.

Life updates

1. Life’s good. Enjoying work. And non-work.

2. Tried buying an iPad from Apple site, no deliveries as of now. Beta, thode din aur 🙂

3. Mom will make ice cream tomorrow. Since I cannot eat anything beyond dal rice roti subzi (i.e., no chhole, rajma, curry, mathri, etc.,) due to surgery, we came to a softer, easily digestible option.

4. Looking at the quantum of work I do, should I start charging more? Nope. I’ll manifest it. And let people pay me more out of will.

5. A prospect who converted has a problem understanding whatever I write on emails / messages. So then we have to get on a call. The entire process wastes a lot of time for me. Thinking of saying no to them tomorrow. Time is money. Not that I have communication issues. Rest all work perfectly well with messages / emails and once a week / fortnight calls.

6. Waiting to tell the new job info to my team at the right time 🙂

7. Gotta respond to the diligent guy who worked on the website. Been long.

8. Content, content, quiz, class, posting, uploading – six huge tasks for tomorrow. Gonna be fun.

9. Also gotta file the claim for hospitalisation. Saturday.

10. Did I tell you, idli still tastes good, despite having it a lot of times post surgery?

That’s it folks, stay safe and keep rocking 🤘🏻

Jobless for a year

Last year, I resigned from my job in March 2020, got relieved in June 2020.

Started freelancing then. Learnt multiple ways of sourcing new clients. Did wonderful work. Made a bit less than my salary but absolutely loved every day of the last one year.

After all this hustle, this April I got myself to a place where I was making more than my last drawn salary. And lo and behold, I got a job offer (that begins on 1st June) for a job I love.

So I said no to some of the prospective clients, said yes to working with some of those along with working full time on the job. And I guess we will 2X my last drawn salary at the start of the new job, leaving how things take us further to the future.

So, it is easy to demotivate myself by saying “I was jobless for a year”. Well, this is how society has conditioned us to believe.

Except, the truth is:

1. I finally had the courage to pursue my passion of writing, by giving up the stability of a full time job.

2. That taught me sales, negotiation and persuasion skills, along with polishing my skill set as a writer.

3. I was able to try an internship in content creation, among other things, that finally lead me to having a full-time job as Content Manager with one of the top brands of India.

4. I was responsible and accountable for my time.

5. I was finally not killing myself daily.

Thus, I was (and still am) living a life of choice. A privilege a lot of us have however very few of us have the courage to live by it.

The best part? For the first time in life I’m going for a job for which there is no degree on my resume, just a skill set and an experience to prove its mettle. Isn’t that amazing? 🤩

What does loving someone mean?

No, I’m not talking about the garbage source of love that is physical love.

Rather, real love. And we can really love any one and every one. How?

Here’s how: By respecting them. By listening to them. By respecting them even if we disagree with them. By making a conscious effort to dig out the best in them. By being a human being in front of another human being.

So, do we love people, or do we make people hate us?

Is there so much fear?

How much of our fear is acquired? From news, WhatsApp and other social media?

The condition is difficult but what is the point of amplifying it by consuming a whole lot of information around it?

Last week as my stomach was recovering from appendix surgery, doctor has strictly told me to eat liquids or soft foods like idli, poha, etc. Why? Because the equation is clear – the input in your stomach will determine the health of the stomach.

Now replace stomach with mind.

What would happen to the mind if we keep feeding it negativity, hurt and pain of the world? How will it radiate power for those who really need it?

You want to help the world, here’s how you can:

– Sit for 10 minutes at specific times and radiate power to those who need it. People can’t meet others but they definitely can catch the vibes they’re being given. Give them that power.

– Bless your food before you eat it. The farmers and the delivery people are in angst right now, because they may also want to sit in the safe canopy of their homes instead of venture out and get a terminal disease. That anger goes to the food we eat. Bless the food to wash off all negativity.

– Talk about your childhood to your parents. Its your as well as their favourite topic. And we all need these conversations right now.