Lessons of life

  1. Having bad feelings only amplifies them. Talk to them.
  2. Truth always prevails.
  3. Your inner dialogue creates your visual reality.
  4. Your dreams are telling where you need to go and what you need to let go of.
  5. It’s okay to say sorry even when you are not supposed to

Why do we get sad?

The reason for getting sad is never the real reason.

The loss.
The no.
The rejection.
The lack.
The “never”.

These are not the real reasons. They are just drapes to cover up the original reasons.

The real reason is we are crying for something deeper.
We believe we don’t matter.
We think that our work doesn’t make an impact.
Or our presence doesn’t make anyone happy.
Or that everything will be happy even if we left.
Or perhaps that there will never be a tomorrow.

That is the real thing that makes us sad.

Think through it about what made you sad recently.
The reason was one of these.

However, the truth of life is this:

YOU matter.
YOU are important.
YOUR work makes a difference.

YOUR absence would make things difficult.

YOU are needed.

This holds true irrespective of what ANYONE tells you.

Pause for a moment to read this.

Reasons why Anupamaa is wrong

Anupamaa, the TV show is gaining a lot of popularity these days.

The show is good in many ways, especially the dialogues, however, I think there are some things that are projected wrongly:

1. Why are only women working in the kitchen? Why aren’t Babuji, Vanraj, Tushar or Samar working there? (That way, Anuj Kapadia is awesome!)

2. The reason Anupamaa didn’t do well in life before was not because of Vanraj or family. It is because she never stood up for herself, just like she is doing now.

3. Why can’t Anupamaa’s mother in law see beyond attachment? She loves her son who betrayed his wife, and still expects his ex-wife to comply.

4. What if Kavya said no to marrying Vanraj? NO love is beyond self respect. Never ever.

5. What if Vanraj learnt cooking while Anupamaa was working? Galat kya hai ismein?

That’s it, folks! End of the day, TV does nothing other than messing up with your mind. Why would you want to do that to yourself?

Things NEVER to do with parents

1. Never touch their nerves. Just listen.

2. Do your own thing. Even if they aren’t happy, you can never make anyone happy if you aren’t.

3. Don’t tell them your struggles. While you will move on, they will stay married to it.

Though most people won’t agree to it, if their parents won’t see them, they would still be agreeing to it.