Why everyone must pursue a creative field

Everyone must write.
Or design.
Or paint.
Or edit videos.
Or shoot videos.
Or write a blog.
Or have an online cookie-selling business.
Or compose music and ship it.


Not to make money off it.
But to understand how any creative process works.

The time that goes into “creation.”
The time that goes into iteration or revision.
The time that goes into understanding the fact that anything that looks “simple” takes longer than complexity and urgency takes.

Otherwise, we are just chainless monkeys asking creative people to “deliver on this urgent project immediately” 18 days of the week, without being empathetic and perhaps even brutal to their art. And ultimately the quality of their “urgent task”.

Special people

Everyone is special. No one is. All of them come together to make us realise who we are.

How we treat ourselves, is how we treat others.

To have your self-respect means to see others in the same light as well. And that’s beautiful!

Sooo much fun

Last 5 days were our team offsite, and it was so much fun!

I hadn’t expected it to be, but it did!

Why? Because:

  • Had fun with two kids who are sooo much fun to hang around.
  • We just smiled, and did no gossips about others.
  • They know how to have fun within themselves, and everyone has fun with their presence.

I haven’t laughed as hard in a long long time, as I did with them.