What is the cost of your dreams?

What is the cost of your dreams?


You will be misunderstood. You will be ridiculed. You will be criticised.

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All of this will happen at the times you need the most support.
All of this will happen when you least expect it.
All this will happen when you need a clean mind to execute on your dreams.

Despite this, please continue!

Despite this, please move ahead!

Because if you don’t, those people have already won. And you know what, those people are not intending anything bad against you, they just don’t know better.

And if you’ll follow them, won’t that be the same treatment to yourself?

The goal of all problems is just one:
To get you closer to your goals and your Best Self.

Use your problems to get better. And show the world yourself about how strong you are.

The relationships between parents and children

One of the things our society is suffering with today, is lack of time.

As a kid, one of my dreams was to tell my father: Please deduct my pocket money for several months, whatever amounts to a day of your time, and spend some time with us today.

Fast forward to today: We are still trying to get along. We love each other, are there for each other during good and not-so-good times, however, I do wish I wasn’t appreciated for my ranks in class and rather appreciated for failing.

It is a constant battle of self-blame.

Also, he did and still does his best. And we do spend good time together.

However, if anyone of you reading here is a parent or intend to be so in the future, a small request: Don’t tell your kids: “I am doing it for you only!”

Kids need you, they will anyway learn to make money online. Online parents and understanding is not possible.

When people take advantage of you

Do you sometimes feel people are taking too much advantage of you?

You are good, however, instead of appreciating you they walk over you?

I understand a lot of genuine, hardworking and transparent people go through this. Especially the ones who live by their values no matter what happens.

Here’s a question that would be of help:

“Have you ever stopped to be good to your own goodness, and not offer it to someone who won’t recognize it?”

Probably no.

The truth is, in the desire to be good and do more good, we don’t remember to create a boundary.

A boundary, where we stop offering others because we know we deserve ourselves before them.
A boundary, where we listen to our intuition and see that the best goodness is goodness to thine own self.
A boundary, where you can fill your cup so it could be good again, not that you get empty forever.

There is nothing wrong with being good.
However, it’s worth thinking if you are good to others before yourself.

Five simple steps

1. Five simple steps to focus in life.

2. Three strategies to be more productive.

3. How to grow your business.

4. What to do when you feel confused?

5. How to get fit and lean.

We all know the answers to these questions. Why don’t we execute them still?

Because deep down we still believe we don’t deserve the goodness that will follow. Our current state of mind has made us believe we are doomed for this little life. So, we make efforts and those efforts are never followed by self belief and trust in our own selves.

You have it all within you. The question is: What are you doing in order to remove the extra stone from the beautiful sculpture of your life?

Why should you hang around the right people?

1. They give us the confidence that we, too, could be them.

2. We understand how things work versus how we have been doing them.

3. We learn to measure things, instead of beating around the bush.

4. Life is energy. Not the words or broken promises.

5. We are always, always the product of five people we spend our time with.