It is difficult to sit in the morning and write.

It is difficult to get off Instagram.

It is difficult to do the reps when you wanna have a piece of cake.

Of course, it is difficult.

However, if it were easy, Netflix bingewatchers would be ruling the world today.

Just a little bit of writing

Writing has helped me so much.

To help me find my new career.
To help me gain clarity in the messes of life.
To help me think more deeply.
To help me get answers when I didn’t have any.
To help me gain some likes here and there on social media.

And off late, it has also helped me to stay focused when my life is breaking apart.

To be honest, nothing has happened. Just that some unhealed wounds popped up. Wounds from no one other than me. Wounds that no one can heal other than me. Wounds that would not have been wounds, had I stayed true to myself.

So here I am, staying true to myself. By writing daily. And breathing life into my words. Which really breathe life into me.

More successful?

I saw someone more successful than me. And felt bad.

The question is: Even if I work superhard and get “more” successful than them, won’t someone else always be more successful than me?

Do not strive to be more successful than anyone else, Nishtha.
Strive to be more satisfied than who you were yesterday.

Success will come automatically. And won’t make you feel hollow.

100 days of writing for 90 minutes daily

We have 100 days left in 2022.

We humans otherwise have divided consensus on almost everything in life, however, what we all will collectively agree with is that 2022 passed away real real quick. Quicker than all previous years combined.

And for whatever reason, new years do not excite me enough to gather the opportunity to set new goals – it is like trapping your mind into becoming something different just because your fingers will now write a different date.

All these hopes don’t work!

So, starting today, I’m going to write for 90 minutes straight every morning.
For the rest of 2022.
Let’s use 2022 to be more powerful, get more clarity in mind, and also, land up into some new amazing projects πŸ™‚

These 100 days are also going to be the strongest resistance because:

  • Diwali month and shopping
  • Navratri and chana puri
  • Travel (I have 4-5 days planned, not much, thankfully)
  • Visiting home
  • Sleeping late on one night of Diwali
  • Existing politicians in life that wake up time and again
  • Work commitments because I am a good person and employee πŸ™‚
  • Not sleeping well
  • Winters shouting out loud to get into the blanket
  • Perhaps even winning my dream project so that I have “legit reasons” to procrastinate.

But no. No. Oh no no no no no!

I will also document it in my blog daily – either as an update at the end of the blog, or a standalone blog if I have something huge to share.

Okay then, it just took me 8 minutes to write this (including taking 1.5 minute to pee)! And I think I have already written a lot. Imagine what 9000 minutes of writing (100 days X 90 minutes) is going to do.

Already excited πŸ™‚

PS: If you also want to get on a ride like this, send me an email or DM me on Twitter (@nishthagehija26) and we’ll be accountability buddies πŸ™‚

PS2: If you think you will lose motivation along the way, go to seths.blog and pick up a random blog to read. You’ll be back to taking action. Ok then, see you tomorrow! I gotta write!

The power of Love

Love in the sense of romantic love is the lowest downgraded form of love.

Do you know what true love can do?

  • It can make friends text you back, despite not being in touch due to mutual differences.
  • It can make colleagues make impossible possible for you, because you don’t want to extract the worst out of them.
  • It can make colleagues your friends, because you truly care for them!
  • It can make friends get out of their way of strict schedule, because you need them.
  • It can make landlords and tenants live on a parent-child relationship.
  • It can make people not only give up on their dreams, rather pursue yours along with you because you truly care.

Love is the most insensitive thing if you think of getting a partner.

Love is the most powerful force on the planet if you are filled with love. Because then, whosoever comes in touch with you, gets exactly that.


What is your definition of no?

For some, it is no to phone after 8 pm.

For some, it is no to Instagram from their phone.

For some, it is choosing to have a different phone altogether for family and friends, so that no one else can reach them.

You choose your definition of no. And stick to it. Because if you don’t, you have no right to ask others to stick to it.

You show others, how to treat you, said Oprah. Never not a wise word from her πŸ™‚


Over time, I have figured that it is not the best thing to suppress what you are feeling.

However, if what you are feeling is unpleasant, it is not the best thing for anyone to hear as well.

Then, what is the solution?

The solution is to journal. Let it all out. And then learn lessons from it, to act better the next time.

This way, you are dealing with your thoughts instead of suppressing them. And also making a mechanism to act better. Win-win.

Difficult Days

The days are difficult.
Followed by difficult weeks.
Followed by difficult months.

And if you want to change your life, do not attempt at changing them altogether. It will only lead you to misery.

Rather, go ahead and change one part of your day. And stay relentlessly committed to it.
And then the other. And then the next.

Quicker than you know, you would have changed all the parts of you that were not who you are.

That is the beauty of difficult days. They reveal to you what doesn’t need to be there. So that it finally leaves.