Best friends

There are good friends. We all have them.
Those who understand us, are there for us, but show their true colours some time or the other.

Then there are best friends.
You don’t talk to them often. Hardly chat on the phone.
But they are true to you – with you or without you.

Having such friends is priceless. And if you don’t have one, are you that “one” friend for yourself?

What does true hard work mean?

Hustling. Grinding. Slogging in the hours.
All of this is pop culture’s definition of hard work.

Except that it’s false.

True hard work is when someone’s good or bad deeds do not invoke a reaction from you.

If the above line seemed difficult, it may be possible that you’re just wasting your time instead of doing the real hard work.

5 things only rich people do

5 things only rich people do because poor people cannot afford to do them:

  1. Forgive others and themselves (the one who feels insulted is the one who has a ton of ego. The rich, forgive without being asked for it.)
  2. Taking care of their health as well as mind.
  3. Think of others
  4. Think of themselves
  5. Give without letting anyone know

Don’t you think so?

The Taj difference

Last weekend, as I went with my team to Goa, we stayed in the Taj.

In the past, I have stayed in several 3 and 4 star hotels of small and medium brands, however, staying in the Taj showed what luxury looks like. Here is what were the differences between the Taj and other hotels:

  1. The cutlery was kept in an envelope on your table. Always. It made it look so neat.
  2. There was a table + 2 chairs in each balcony. Didn’t see it in any hotel or resort so far.
  3. The buttons had names printed on them – vestibule, master, directions of lights, etc.
  4. The fridge cabinet was beautiful – looked like 9 synchronous drawers.
  5. The TV was not fitted ON the wall, it was fitted IN a custom made hole inside the wall.
  6. The Chef prepared onion and garlic free upma and sambhar for me – because that is how I like it.
  7. The breakfast menu – every head had 2-3 more items than the usual buffet – which made it grand. Also, each head was kept separately – a strategy to think for other hotels.
  8. An indoor AND an outdoor restaurant by the sea.

These were the differences I noticed, other than the usual ones, such as – bigger rooms, nice toiletries, outdoor decorations, super clean and classic washrooms, lotsss of bottles of water being given in housekeeping, glass door on the bathroom but nothing was visible, no need to ask for bathroom slippers or toothbrushes like other hotels – they were by default present, clean roads of the resort, etc.

Overall, a wonderful experience! The Taj rocks 🙂

Okay, some pics here.

PS: If you look on the outside, there was no difference between a 4 star and the Taj. However, when you look closely, you see all the differences.

Goa done well!

Last weekend, we went for an offsite trip to Goa – all of us colleagues and the boss – for three days.

Some learnings from the trip:

  1. Using money is a wonderful advantage – it makes things better for everyone. Money isn’t the root cause of all evil – it just magnifies you as a person!
  2. People ARE different in person and on the camera. Changed perspectives about several team mates after this one – gladly!
  3. Who you are on your vacations is who you are as a person!
  4. You don’t change on vacations, you change on the days you work.
  5. My favourite: Working out on vacations is a wonderful thing!

One more: #6: Goa is awe!

Some pics for you all…


Principles aren’t something you have and you give up when convenient.

Principles are something you swear by, no matter what happens!

Principles are something you live by, even when the going gets tough.

At first, you define your principles. Later, they define you. Choose them wisely. And change them, when they don’t help.

More power

There is no other way of protecting your power than staying quiet.

When we want to move ahead in life, it is easy to talk it out loud and ask people to love you.

The other and the more convenient way is to go within and see what all you are capable of.

The only great thing is, you won’t be able to disappoint yourself of it ever!

Dear Maa Papa

Dear Maa Papa,

I understand I sometimes come across as a weird human being. Someone who does not think like you, lives like you or even loves like you.

But you know what, nevertheless, I do love you.

Because that is what you both have taught me 🙂

Maa Papa, sometimes there are disagreements between us. And that sometimes turns to always.
You want me to be successful. But want that to happen under your eyes.
How will I ever learn to walk if you never allow me to get off your lap?
How will I ever learn to face the world if you keep telling me to run away from the world?
How will I ever create my own identity if according to you my identity could be best created at home while Papa may still go to the shop daily and do his Internet-based business and save thousands on rent and administration expenses?

Maybe you think my need for wings is too much. But you know what, it is just a basic necessity. Because when you attempt to chip off my wings, you don’t draw me closer to you . You rather push me further away.

When you both talk with each other, wondering what is the best way to deal with me, let me help you out:

  • Accept me for who I am.
  • I won’t betray your trust ever. Yes, I have been in two bad relationships, but as I reflect, I was just searching for love outside because I didn’t get acceptance inside.
  • I really do not need the comforts of home. I want to figure out life, and come back to you when I am in pain. Right now, whenever I am in pain, I go to deepest of silences and figure out things eventually. You may believe I am angry, but in reality, I am just coping up with your absence despite your presence.
  • Trust me, when you say that it’s okay if I don’t make much money – I do not want to live on your money. I want to pay my rent, all my bills and learn how life functions. If comfort was all that is, why don’t we bring in all sisters and brothers in law to live with us? Because they are “settled”? Is settling down mean having your name on a marriage certificate? How about thinking of bringing back an “already settled” daughter because she is not married?

Like you say, it is difficult to talk to me. That is the reason Maa Papa, I have stopped expressing myself altogether.

Maybe this makes you believe that I hate you. However, the reality is that I ache so much for your love and acceptance that I have drawn myself inwards. That’s it! How will I not love you? I do! I love you both so dearly that I do not want to bring any proofs to express it.

But as I know I am capable of taking care of myself physically, I do expect you to accept me that way. That would make me want to come home more often. Right now, even when I want to, I just don’t – because you would feel I am not brave. I am brave, however, I miss home even at home.

Hope to be home some day 🙂

PS: I love you to infinity, Maa Papa :)))