About what you are doing

Instagram stories shows the world what you are doing.

The only problem being: no one really gets happy on seeing the fact that you are doing great, and they aren’t!

The point then, is to have a life that others would want to draw inspiration and action from, instead of just allowing them to tap tap tap and criticise you and go away.

It’s a difficult process – to go away from what the world likes towards what they really really want.

The only easy process is eating mindlessly. Everything else takes efforts.

Then a strange thing happened!

Recently I have started going deep into thoughts of Naval Ravikant and Kapil Gupta.

If you don’t know who they are, I won’t tell you bro, google them 🙂

And after reading their material, listening to their words – a strange thing happens!

All of a sudden, I derive zero pleasure in looking at posts on LinkedIn and Instagram.

The mind is drifted to a different plane of thinking, all of a sudden.

A place where it does not want to return from.

A place where the mind feels most nourished.

It’s immaculately strange, and conveniently the most beautiful place to be in.

Honesty I don’t know how to end this because I don’t want to preach you something, however I do want you to nudge to think deeper.

The mind thinks useless thoughts because it is conditioned to think so infinitely.

What if we start feeding our mind such such such powerful thoughts? Most people won’t, because misery loves company. The one or two that would, will change the world forever.

Truth is freaking hard bro!

You really want to speak everything bad to that one person.

Except the fact that, that bad won’t change them either. It would just make them worse off.

You want to talk with that one person who does not want to talk with you.

Except the fact that, even if they start talking with you they won’t respect you anyway.

You want to change that one family member whose habits you’re not proud of.

Except the fact that, even if by a miracle of Aladdin’s Ginnie, even if they change – is your happiness always conditional on other people?

You want your team to love you.

Except the fact that, everyone loves only couch potato. For someone who is “doing something” will never be liked by all.

You want to….

Except the fact that, there will always be a “yang” to every “yin”, and vice versa.

Walking on the path of truth, is the only journey you’d be proud of!

WhatsApp chat status

Think of a recent WhatsApp group chat.

You were away while that chat was happening, and you read the conversation hours later.

When you’re done reading the chat, how do you feel?

Invariably your emotions are exactly same as those being exchanged in the chat.

The chat is simply written conversation. No one “said” anything to you. Yet now you feel those emotions.

Everything you read is just a thought.

Why not you write thoughts to yourself?

Why not read every single time, what you want to hear?

It’s easy. It’s simple. It’ll take just 15 minutes for you.

Will you? The answer depends on how serious you are for your life.

What’s your relationship status?

Any business relationship we enter into, we may either feel it’s great or we may feel something is not right at all.

On the surface everything may look cool, you won’t be able to point out what.

Yet you know in your heart that this business relationship is not going to work right.

Be a little right to yourself, and walk out from there. Only when you get away from wrong, will the right make space in your life.

Is it possible?

“What if this fails?” Everyone asks this question.

What is someone shows you it’s possible?

What if someone shows you what all is working?

What if someone tells you that you have done it before, so repeating the impossible is possible?

What if that “someone” is the one in the mirror?

There are going to be a lot of times when the only person standing in your favour is you. And if you are strong from within, you will know it’s possible.

Will you? Stand for yourself? Every single day?

I agree, Your Honour!

Agreeing with people is great. Every single human needs validation more than anything else.

However if you want to go ahead in life, you need to learn to tell what could be better – in a way that it does not offend the other person.

Everyone wants to get better. And if we see something that could help them get better and conceal it, we are making them worse. Nothing could be worse.

Easy versus critical, yet the truth.



No one wants to be rejected.

Yet we do get rejected all the time – in relationships that didn’t work out, in jobs where we didn’t find our happiness, in childhood when we were scolded for no fault of ours.

It’s like someone inserting a scalpel into your eyes without giving you the anaesthesia.

Even the thought pricks a hole in the heart.

Yet it’s impossible to find a successful person who was not rejected. Not one ever.

Rejection does not mean we were wrong or we were not accepted.

It simply means we were not aligned.

Relationship rejection – love yourself now.

Job rejection – your work you love is shouting out loud at you to be noticed.

Childhood rejection – don’t do the same to your kids (and your parents).

Rejection never stops anyone. Unless one is ready to be stopped.

You get to decide.