Greatness is embedded

Maybe someone in your locality is using 50% of his income to support the daily wage earners.

Maybe a friend of yours is doing great stuff freelancing however they are not posting Instagram stories about it.

Perhaps the boss who is having huge understanding, is someone who invests 30 minutes daily in reading great books.

We happen to see a ton of greatness on social media, news and from people who want to be seen as great.

Yet a far majority of great people are the ones who are too busy.

Their busyness does not allow them to post it.

Also, their inner fulfilment does not mean to show it off either.

That’s true greatness. Greatness with the purpose of knowing they did the right thing. Not with the purpose of letting others know about your greatness.

Becoming great

To not to be disturbed by the voice on the other side of the concall.

To respect other people’s timings.

To keep a smiling face.

To keep things sorted on a piece of paper.

To let yourself know you are the boss of your time, and to be so full that others are inspired by your way of being.

Okay let’s fix the wrong

The thing about your wrong is that I can easily figure it out.

And vice versa.

And do the SWOT analysis on it.

And be right in whatever I say.

And give tonnes of advice on how to fix it.

And tell about it to a hundred more people.

While doing all that, let’s remember what’s the effect of it.

Not on someone else, on you.

It diminishes your energy, extinguishes your enthusiasm and all of a sudden you’ve felt feeling less hopeful about life.

Well, if that is something you don’t want to feel, a great idea could be to focus on changing yourself, to be able to have the energy that actually makes change happen.