Water water everywhere!

We hardly thank water for its role in construction, however, without it, the building would just collapse.
Be like water, my friend.

We hardly put water in the list of ingredients of any dish, however, I’m yet to see a dish that doesn’t involve water.
Be like water, my friend.

We set big menus to serve to our guests in parties, however, they would complain for centuries if they were not served adequate water.
Be like water, my friend.

Water brings everything together, yet makes itself feel redundant.
Because it knows its value, it does not crave for others to know it.

Be like water, my friend.

Your house’s on fire!

I came across a clip of an interview of Kobe, the legendary basketball player who passed away in an air crash earlier this year.

The interviewer was talking about a game, where both teams had to do a tie-breaker of final throws. Once Kobe’s turn came, he had a Achilles tendon, yet he got up, made his throw, and finished the game like a star.

When asked about the reason, Kobe said:

“Let’s say you have an Achilles, your hamstring is torn, your doctor tells you to have a bed rest, not move at all. So you’re at your home.

And suddenly, the house’s on fire. The kids are upstairs, the wife is somewhere else, and now you have to save them. You will instantly forget your hamstring, grab your kids, make sure your wife is safe, and get out of the house. You won’t remember the hamstring because your family is more important than the injury. So when the game is more important than the injury itself, you don’t feel that injury.”

When the game is more important than the injury itself, you don’t feel that injury.

What is the game that we are into?

Injury or the kind that Kobe was into?

A great day?

How do you decide if you had a great day or not?

What are the parameters?

What really has to happen in order for your day to be great?

Being super specific helps, although if you aren’t specific, your days will pass quickly and so will your life.

Letting that happen to you is a sad thing to be.

The leaking bucket

I was having this conversation with a client about why getting emotionally stronger is the most important thing today.

One of the questions I asked was what was one thing that took away their their happiness today?

Here’s what they responded:

“I had just had my last bite of lunch in office today, and as I finished, two colleagues came up.

In order to make sure they could get a table in peak lunch hours, one asked if I was not going to have a dessert (signalling me to get up).

As I got up with a frown on my face, the other colleague pulled away the chair immediately even without letting me get away from there.

This was so disrespectful.”

Totally agreed.

Btw, how many such people are we going to meet who do not care about what you care about? Perhaps many.

Make sure your life isn’t like this

If we keep on allowing people to create holes in our happiness, we go to our family at the end of the day with this leaking bucket and not enjoy with them either.

Why not experiment the other way?

Decide what’s more important for you:

Losing your calm to “teach” them something they aren’t going to learn anyways


Using your calm to teach yourself that your happiness and filled up bucket sans leakages and holes is most important thing for your most important people, i.e., your family.