Good organisations versus not-so-good organisations

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Today, please allow me to throw some light on various career decisions we make, moving from pole to pole, in search of what we actually want from our lives.

Well, this is the very first thing we need to think about: a job is not about getting, it is about becoming more of yourself. We have studied more than what we expected ourselves to do, and then we end up asking the employers: “Hey! Have you got a job for myself?”

The better idea is to ask yourself: “What can I give to my employer?” Increase your value to such an extent that your presence and your minimal presence also makes a wondrous difference in your organisation.

Which brings me to the core challenge all industries are facing today: high employee turnover. Most of the freshers get into a job just for the heck of it, and then quit it for better pay or for some unsuitable circumstances in their present job or the brand name of the prospective employer.

Quitting a job is not a problem, once you gain a high level niche and knowledge and expertise to move on. If you love your job and are still leaving it for a better brand name, remember that brands and cultures are created by people. On the other hand, if you do not love the work you do, find the things about the current work that you do love, and steadily migrate towards your passion to create you a life of greater fulfilment.

Coming over to job turnover for young workforce, I would really suggest you to work on yourself. A successful leader is not about your position, it is about navigating through your goals through continuously uplifting and developing people. This is the real challenge. This is what job-changers hide behind as a veil to hide their fears.

Here are the questions that I would appreciate for all the youngsters changing their jobs in pursuit of something that is within them:

  1. What is the kind of work that you love doing so much that you would do, even without being paid? Then convert it into FIP (Fun, Information, Profit) for you.
  2. What is it that I’m really running away from? Usually facing the very fear the is easier than running away from it. The good news is, you have all the answers within yourself, once you sit back and get ready to meet them.
  3. How can I become more of a giver and contributor? Once you stand for something that is bigger than yourself, failures come across as stepping stones for success and meaning for life gives you all the hunger and drive.

Think over this my friend, changing jobs too quickly will make you a fresher always. Changing your circumstances for the better will make you a greater human being; and this is what we all are looking for. 😀

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