Why is change so supernecessary??

When the world goes to the hustle bustle of their personal trauma

When people discuss temperature and rainfall in their Facebook posts

When car commute is filled with radio stations

When people are quarrelling about how their neighbor is misbehaving

This is what the winner like you needs to do:

• Your job in this world is to make yourself better, not worse by choosing the incorrect people around you.

• Think about changing the world through your presence: the ones who did so were no different from you.

• Every day must be aimed at 1% improvement and tracked every night. The largest building was built one brick at a time.

• If you are not failing a lot, you are not breaking a lot of stuff. Take calculated risks and live Life as if everything is rigged in your favour, as Rumi says.

• Finally, define your top 5 priorities and revolve your life around them. Then you will have crystal clarity in reaching your goals without waiting for the incorrect approval.

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