Happiness dying to meet you there!

Most of the population who do not have any real source of happiness curse what all they do have in their bounty. We want to feel amazing doing our day job, want our pay to hike by 50%, want everyone to respect and admire us: all outwardly achievements. Yes, these all are important.
Bigger question is: what are we putting into our jobs? Are we performing better work in lesser time? Are we delivering staggering value to our employer? Are we feeling great doing the work that we are doing now? Are we leaving the water-cooler gang and focusing on our priorities?

When we get the answer as “yes” in these questions, then only we will experience true happiness. Happiness does not come from criticising the present and switching from job to job. Yes, there might be valid reasons for getting a different job. However, in 95% of the cases, it is the habits of the individual that make him switch jobs in search for what lies within.

Think over making an impact on the lives you meet and delivering excellence on the work you touch.

Every day, we have an opportunity to change the world by deciding to focus on happiness, success habits and our priorities.

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Love and awesomeness
Nishtha Gehija