Preparing for happiness

The goal is the same. The route may be different. We all are doing the things that we do daily because we want to be happy and feel fulfilled.
Big thing: fulfilment and happiness is not the destination, it is the journey.
We all need to take steps in order to make fulfilment and happiness as omnipresent as oxygen in our lives. If reaching a big goal will make you fulfilled, remember to take a break after attaining that goal, to remember who you truly are, and decide the next summit to be undertaken after the break.
Your life is superprecious. Please do not waste it in any manner. Make your heart guide your mind to devise activities that fuel and drive you, and then make the time for the things that matter according to your heart, and then do them with love and respect. In the end, most people regret not living a life on their own terms.image

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Nishtha Gehija