How to grow exponentially in all areas of your life


The great human beings that we all are crave for growth. This is the most exciting part of our existence that makes us so beautifully unique. “Progress equals happiness,” as Tony Robbins said, requires sustained and continuous effort on the part of every individual who wants to progress.

More than the effort, deliberate progress is a necessity, because if you are not moving forward, you are definitely moving backward and therefore landing yourself into troubles that you do not have the wits to deal with. Why not spend time and energy on growing yourself so that when the waves of la difficulty try to toss you, you are already equipped with your surfing practices.

Please consider the following practices in order to grow in your life, no matter where you are:

1. Moving ahead is always easy for light matter. What that means is, let go of the people who have wronged you. Forgive them, so that you become lighter and a happier person. This does not mean they were right, nor are you holding them unaccountable for, rather you are simply getting rid of the emotional bondage that had been holding you back. So that you can be free, and move ahead with the fabulous future and present that is waiting for you to be present.

2. Invest on the right things. Do you ever remember a time when you went to a world class hotel room and your life was never the same in terms of your thinking, your productivity and your energy. Or remember a time when you ate the wrong foods and the next morning you were feeling out of energy and enthusiasm. Both the above cases required investment. Focus to invest your money on the experiences that yield superb return on investment. Then see the magic in your life propelling you forward.

3. Move with givers not takers. Everyone in the world fits into either of the above categories. Mindsets are always programmed by the programs being input into the operating system called mind. If you spend time with givers, in terms of bliss, enthusiasm, peace, that is your life will be populated with. If you spend time with takers, trying to make the best of their advantage, your life will be a reflection of that. All the successful people have this one common criterion: their life is free of takers and filled with givers. So that they become one of those, and change the world.

4. Lastly, know that there is no end point to growth. Once you reach the goals you set for yourself, it is your responsibility as a human being, to set another set of audacious goals, so that your forward momentum never ceases, rather only gains more speed.

With all due respect, hope these ideas were instrumental in helping you out make the forward leap, so that you may witness fabulous growth.

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Thank you


Nishtha Gehija