This is a form of love

Just had dinner at a self-service restaurant in Patiala. As the restaurant was self-served, it was quite clear that customers had to take even water by themselves. However, the servers in the restaurant had a protocol to serve water to every guest without water on their table. Since I have a protocol of not having water while eating, I politely refused to the first glass served to me. In two minutes, I was served water by another server; and again, I refused. In the next two minutes, I was served a third glass of water which I didn’t refuse.

Great management lesson here: wowing your customer is our collective responsibility as a team. Great service does not hold any single person accountable for the profits or losses as a unit. Our results are as an entity.

If someone who gets paid very little can do this, can we not leave our ego at our doorstep every single day before we present ourselves to our customers? Think over it…ego is the common thing. Transcending it will make your customers your raving fans. Ultimately we are all in the business id transforming lives: how we do it for the positive or negative is going to determine our destiny as well.

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Thank you


Nishtha Gehija