The “L” on your car

When I was learning driving, people around me asked to put an “L” symbol on the back and front glasses, so that anyone who saw my car would drive carefully and also avoid my mistakes.

Life-changing question here is: When in life did we decide that we know everything and there is nothing else left out? When was it made constitutional that after a certain age you are not supposed to commit mistakes? And which bylaws state that a car without an “L” on the glass is bound to never meet with an accident?

We are here because of the relationships we have formed over the course of our lifetime. Before going anywhere, the first and most important relationship you have is with the person you meet in the mirror daily. Once you listen to that person’s heart and soul, life begins to transform. Once you treat that person in the mirror like royalty, everything else takes care of itself. And once this person begins to forgive other people, not because they were right, rather because forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves, all the pieces of life begin to make sense in the long term.

We all have an “L” on our lives as long as we are here. No age, education, experience has the right to put a full stop to your learning. Just make sure to have a perfect relationship going with the person in the mirror and everything will take care of itself.image