What would the world suffer from if you were gone tonight?

What is the one and only thing that you possess that no one in the world has, and every single day, you did your best to bring that possibility up to the world?

Most of us spend our entire lives thinking about that referral, that meeting, that paycheck, that human being, that interview: that one thing that will change our life. When “that” thing does happen, all of a sudden we realise that nothing has changed.

Rather, when you be the best where you are and keep building up momentum, you will create a legacy overnight.

Then “that” thing will come to you automatically, and like every small and big step did, “that” will also change your life, because every single step matters.

Now when the death arrives tonight, you will know that you did your best work. We all will be proud to have witnessed your creativity.

Most importantly, the world will be a better place because you have lived.