When you are hurt

Spend some time with yourself.

Blurt out all your emotions into your journal (life changing insight)

Whenever any negative thought pops up in your mind, tell yourself: it is here to make me better. Because it is. The hard fact of everyone’s life is that they face the same situations again and again because they do not take the wonderful blessings and lessons those times brought about. And so life brings them back to you. Because life wants you to grow beautifully.

Deliberately stop yourself from saying anything bad. Initially it will be difficult, with practice, you will not even think anything bad.

Get up. Dress up. Show up. Beyond every tear and resistance lies your happiness that comes when you show up.

Let go of people who are draining your energy. They are actually costing you fortunes of income and miracles of impact.

Remember that calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of a human mind.

No matter what you have faced, if you are reading this, you have the inherent power to be a calm and centered human being. Even in the biggest of storms.

Will you?