Be the commitment towards your work and relationships and most importantly, towards yourself. The door of success hinges inwards, and never outwards.

Too often we hold others responsible for our situation and circumstances, stating that they were not right in doing that to us. Think over it: someone did something wrong to you only once, you did that to yourself multiple times by thinking, pondering and repeating that situation to yourself over and over again.

If you are committed to yourself, you will get out of this cycle of blaming and focus on what you can do to make yourself feel better. The only thing that can make you feel better is to bless those who wronged you. What people do to others is a reflection of who they really are. Only people in pain hurt others. You be the leader and bless them, not because you accept and condone what they did; rather because you can give what you are filled up with. Bonus point: blessings and blame cannot stay together in a vessel.

You may think: the intensity of what they did to me was so much that you cannot even think of forgiving them. The question is: what about your commitment to yourself? Are you committed to becoming the best version of yourself or will you let the mood swings of others determine your happiness?