You don’t like it baby? 

There are infinite number of things we do not like. We probably do not like the people surrounding our lives. Maybe it is your job. Your health. Your relationship with yourself.

Do something about it today, please. Do get out of what chains have been holding you back so that the world sees what freedom in real sense means. So that you inspire all of us to blossom and create joy. 
In so doing, let us always remember one thing: the world that you adore is not going to happen overnight. So didn’t this world that you are now living in. 10 years will pass anyway. Are you going to have fun in your life from today or are you going to let circumstances define your happiness? There are going to be daily doses of gloom from the current circumstances. There lies the choice, to let bogged down or to create and invent your new and weird and self-acceptable way of living?