Take care of…… 

Majority of the population loses their happiness on seeing a nice selfie of someone else on the social media, especially if they are going through a difficult phase of life. What we do not understand is this, that everyone has their seasons of life. No one is ever going to remember to take their selfie when they are crying alone curled up on their bed. 

Loneliness has this immense power with it that it really makes us meet ourselves in a world where most of us have lost ourselves behind the blue light of the screens. This loneliness, this encounter of you with yourself, is so preciously important that could not be ever defined in words. It makes you feel yourself. It whispers silently in your ears,  that it’s okay, all will be okay in the end. Also, it silently nudges to you, that everyone opens only that part of themselves with the world that they want them to see, you are amazingly awesome in your shoes; that is exactly the place where you need to keep shining.

Oh, and btw: You have magic within you,  and the wand in your hands. 🤗

Abundance of awesomeness to all you brave souls in their small and significant pursuits to change the world,

Nishtha Gehija