The Race….

…never involves anyone other than you. It is usually (Always) your own journey. Having a higher position, more money than someone else may feed your ego. Sadly, it does not do anything other than that.

We live in a world wherein all our emotions are contingent on actions of people influencing others. What about your own seat of peace that has maximum power, more than any super power in the world. People may love you or hate you or something between the spectrum. What have those emotions got to do with the inner questions that are still unresolved and will definitely be the first ones to overpower you. Without an exception.

Today, whenever you will reach out to your phone, stop for a moment, and think: what I am really, really after? What do I really, really want? Most importantly, how will the constant checking in with the phone help me achieve it? Technically, never.

Where the world is filled up with people aping each other subconsciously, value brought to the table by you just because you decided to think…is the incredible. This is the race….with your own self. Today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. Because you think. 😊