Productivity Tactics

The happiest and the most successful person, and an unhappy person who does not have time to create their happiness; both have one thing in common: equal amount of time each day.

Having more time was never a requirement for the person determined to stay happy and reach the loftiest of peaks in all areas of their life. They have their priorities. They make plans to propel themselves in forward direction and they understand that the only reason a plan didn’t work out was because they were supposed to learn a lesson from that and plan better next time. Tim Ferris says it so well: “If you do not prioritize, you do not have priorities.”

So let me ask you a question: What are your top 5 priorities? How and how many of your actions are aligned towards them? Let us do a serious mental exercise today. Take out a piece of paper and write down your Top 5 priorities. Then set your goals for the following quarter based on these priorities. If you really want to be of meaning and impact throughout your life, if you really do not want to live the rest of your life beginning the next second in a state of frenzy and anger, and if you do not want to die unhappy because of the amazing awesomeness that was buried along with your body and failed to see the light of the day and make us all superproud to witness you, please do this exercise now. It won’t take more than 100 seconds because you intuitively do know what to write, it just needs to be penned down so that your thoughts are intentionally directed in the right direction. You deserve this for yourself.

Thank you for doing it.

Now that you are clear on your priorities and the consequent goals for yourself, you know that you have to take small baby steps each and every day, in a calm state of mind, so that the goals do become a reality. I am not here to teach you that. I know you will. What I am here for, is to help you out in making amazing use of your time so that you are proud of the rosary called life stung together by pearls called days.

Consider this:

1. Block of time: Whatever your goal may be, to start your own business, to have a wonderful book that changes the world, to be the best fitness trainer in your gym, to be a great boss at work, it all starts with one thing: focused, disciplined, notification – free, real work for at least 3-4 hours a day in a block. As difficult and mouth opener it may sound, doing this at least 3-4 days a week is a must for everyone who wishes to reach their creative potential.

2. Deliberate Practice: Courtesy, Anders Ericson. Ericson pointed out in his book Peak that deliberate practice is not repetition of same things over and over again. Rather it is looking at your performance and making sincere, deliberate efforts to overcome your flaws. So that you master them. Repeat. (Magic formula just opened up.)

3. Move: Your mind (not to mention of course your body) is affected amazingly by the physical exercise it is fortunate to receive. No matter how lean or plump you are, till the time you are alive, you have to, have to, must move your body. Otherwise someday very soon your body is going to be moved to the hospital bed.

4. Stillness: You see, much of the productivity and more time that you seek are not actually connected with more availability of time, rather it is being smart with your time so that you are the master. So is the help given by meditation. It calms down your chattering mind (the unaware chatter that is striking our mind constantly) and makes you reach your truest and deepest nature, which is pure and real. You may say, I am very happy in my life, why do I need to practice? Because, we all do face conflicting situations in our life when we are unable to decide what path to follow and sometimes even end up taking an incorrect decision. Meditation helps you out in here, because when the mind is silent it can listen to the whispers of life, the tiny voice that is always directing you. This tiny voice, or your intuition, can never go wrong. Meditation is also superimportant as it teaches us to visualise the future we would like to have, and that provides certainty and clarity of the path to take now.

So here we are, a few of the uncommon and common tactics that will roll the dice in your favour.

Just a bit of addition, get into the game in order to allow the dice roll.