Who is the boss btw?

When do we use social media:

  • When we want to run away from our current situation
  • While getting bored (which simply means, lack of focus. A dedicated and disciplined human plans their days, which include buckets of total creativity and action coupled with buckets of pure fun.)
  • To check how many likes / comments we have received so far (which is a dangerous way to live, because you are relying on already bored people for your happiness)

Let us think of a free way to live: ·

  • When you want to run away from the current situation, take a deep breath and think of the 4 – 5 people who matter to you the most. Then think: do you really want to improve that situation, take charge of it or simply distract yourself in the notifications?
  • Schedule your weeks in advance, on Sundays. This makes you crystal clear on your mission and also allows you to set apart thinking times and fun times in addition to super-work times.
  • Let go of the need to be applauded by all. Somewhere you need to know as Robin Sharma says, “Leadership is a lonely sport,” wherein sometimes the only person respecting you will be you only. Yet go with your intuition and keep working with love on what is most important to you. Most importantly: keep the pic of your loved ones always handy in your wallet and cellphone.

Most of us are running away from our own selves by indulging ourselves deeply in social media. All the whisps of information that have come to you so far and changed the way you live today, have arisen when you were in flow state, not even thinking about your phone. Think over it.

Please, for you today.