What game are you into?

Are you in the game of keeping all money by yourself or to reinvest it to deliver even better this time?

Is your time being traded to gossip or to care and make people better?

What is your mindset before you start your day? Just another boring day, or the day as a platform to deliver masterpieces into the world?

Do you radiate positivity and possibility (as corny as this sounds, it is the awesomeness) or do you allow one negative event to take your remote control?

As we dive deep into ourselves, we understand that the worldview quite often depends on us only. Most of us are too caught up in out own difficulties that we have forgotten to step to the side of our journey and see how amazing we are and so is the world.

Our focus determines our locus. The beautiful quality of life does not happen by chance. It happens by choice, to have a beautiful quality of life.

What say?

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