The Goals

On New Year, birthday, tomorrow: whenever we set them for commencement on a later date, we put a price tag of our fortune. Because that tomorrow never comes.

Whatever you do, start small AND today. Action is the sorcerer’s wand.

Oh and btw, because you are reading this, you are going to reach all your goals. What we must think about is: in what frame of mind?

In this hustle and running around, take a step onto the side of your journey and see how are you achieving those goals?

Are you getting better as a human being or getting more irritated, frustrated and angry?

If it is the latter, you have to think. Because the world wants, no needs, your awesomeness. If you are not offering that to us, what is the point if being in the game?

If you are becoming a better person whilst the achievement of those goals, thank you.

Thank you for making us all shine in your process of transformation.