How to create your future

Suppose you come to my seminar and are sitting on the first row. For whatever reason, I do not like you. So what do I do? I tell myself that I wish you fell down from the couch. Throughout the day I keep on wishing it.

Will you fall down? Duh….nope.

In an exception. When you think that I may fall down because she is giving these bad thoughts to me, that very moment of you creating the thought, increases the probability of you falling down multifold.

Now let us come to our destiny. We go to astrologers to tell us what is up there. What they tell us is a science, perfectly accurate based out of your present. There is another biggest factor in your control and that is what you do from this moment on. If you totally change your habits and behaviors, you will get a different result and consequently different destiny. If you continue doing what you have been doing so far, then the prediction based on your present will be accurate.

So the key to creating your destiny, is technically, in your hands. Because you know all will happen based out of how you think and what you do.