Risk of failure

Tell me a human being who learned to walk in the very first crawl.

Tell me a scholar who never failed a test.

Tell me a human being having abundantly wonderful relationships who was never before in a lousy one.

Tell me a hardworking, smart millionaire who did not have to struggle to make the ends meet when they were starting.

Somewhere we do need to come out of the trajectory that outside success is good and outside failure is bad. If you really keep persisting and learn to treat the failure as your coaching lesson, then you are a successful person.

Success is the ability to solve problems for people and make their lives better. Then, by all means, your success is dependent on how you welcome failure.

Do not resist it. Allow it. Feel it. Let its whispers be guiding stones in your next step. And in so doing, outwardly success is just a by-product. 😊

Purely dependent on who uses who. You use the failure and better ride over it. Please.