The joy of being real

Upon completing an overnight train journey, a guy in a nearby seat thanked all 5 of us, his fellow passengers, for being so good, as nobody snored. Isn’t that man’s ingenuity called Wowww?

Meet Umesh. Another wonderful human being. He handles and coordinates the back-end functioning of a software that is used by 150 people in an organization. For the past few days, the software was not functioning properly despite all his best efforts to coordinate with the technical team, hence, all the people are writing him daily emails the minute the software got slow. What should we expect to be a behavioral pattern from this human being? Angry? Tired? Frustrated? You bet you had not expected it. My friend calls this man and what she gets is a human being full of energy, and understanding for her problems. Biggest aura of positivity for sure. Isn’t that amazing?

Because, what we are choosing to play with in our life is this: our own life. We have no right to risk it to the moods and impulses of the people. What we do have in our hands is to choose the response to every situation. In so doing, we become the light in a world looking for someone else to empower them.

Btw, financial riches are superimportant, however, most important is being a rich person internally. Today, let us be one.