Right to the top

The higher you rise in life, more clarity you will gain. Because all the obstacles that come in your path are only in the beginning of the journey. There is a lot of crowd in the easy way.

Ever wondered why all the multiple treadmills in your gym are always occupied vis-a-vis the deadlift bar. Ironically, the dedicated ones who dare to use the deadlift bar are the ones who get results.

The overachiever makes quick decisions about his groceries. The good supermom is filled with love instead of phone while talking with her kids, because she is the supermom.

The real worker in office is scheduling their tasks and doing them with energy and aura, not because unlike most of us they love their job, rather because they know that the overachiever tribe, wherever they go, are working to create art and awesomeness.

All the above examples require stepping out of what is normal for the world, and creating the supernatural your new normal.

Isn’t that great? It is. Because the secret sauce to getting to the top is doing the work that people at the top do. Now.