The NEED to Change THEM

Maybe they are not behaving in a right manner. Maybe what is happening is not fair. Maybe they want you to be like them. Maybe all they do and say is wrong.

Let us come to the part that we can control: our responses.

How many times has it happened that you had become angry and the recipient of anger had changed out of fear rather out of acceptance of your opinion? Answer is never yes.

Yes, we want them to do the right thing instead of the wrong path they are treading on. So why not take a perspective from their way?

Firstly, make room for their wrong. Everyone has a reason for all choices in their lives. Maybe they had a hurt childhood. Maybe they have had a broken heart. Maybe they have never been trusted. Accept them where they are. Meet them where they are. From that place, everything you do will be called as holding a hand instead of poking a finger.

It usually happens through the power of silent acceptance (in words and in thoughts). Where the science fails, silence triumphs.