The life of a warrior

You are a warrior. Not a worrier. You have to have a heart filled with fire and mind filled with calm and ease. Anything less is not acceptable. No.

The society, the people who love you the most, may have tried to teach you otherwise. They want you to align with the most dangerous place: status quo. Because they are scared of losing you. However they do not understand that the best way to lose a human is to make them cling to your own ideas instead of allowing them to fly.

You have wings. Fly. Do not allow anyone to chip them down. Be human and humble. Love like there is no tomorrow. And also, love your art and work like there is no tomorrow. And most importantly, strike a balance between the two with tremendous discipline and wondrous focus.

It is not going to be easy. So is not going to be status quo. So why not give a shot daily at being the most amazing and legendary version of your own self and nothing less?

How would that look like?

Be grateful for the life that you are living right now that billions dream of. From that place, choose to rise above and serve the world through you. Because you are meant to.