The things that break our hearts are the best things that open our hearts, says one of my heroes, Robin Sharma.

It is the darkest before the first ray of dawn.

In our dark moments, we witness who we really are.

Unless you have seen the darkness, you cannot witness how bright your light is.

Even the darkest hour has 60 minutes.

You know the summits only when you have experienced the valleys.

Difficulty is the glue that aligns your soul to its purpose.

Intention. Obstacles are simply the detours in our way to the top.

Do not look down on your way to the top, or you will get scared.

Clean and pure. No exceptions.

Love. Beauty. Presence. Grace. Power. Bliss. Happiness. Joy. Peace. Discipline. Heart. Connection. Self respect. Vulnerability. Ease. Balancing them all out.

Do your best. Rest all is taken care of. If you believe this, your dark moments will come and go away.

Joy is a choice that we make daily, it is not a one-time event.

No one, absolutely no one, has the power to take away your happiness. Just because you are here, you have all the right to be happy and ecstatic.

Feel the pain. And keep walking.