The Awesomeness Salon

What if this morning you woke up inside an awesomeness salon? What if that awesomeness salon had the answers to all your questions? What if you could radiate and be in best of the best happiness and awesomeness all the time in that salon? What if all your time in that salon made you either productive or ponder something that is empowering to you?

And what if……that salon is……

Your Own Companionship.

Most of us have lost touch with the child that we were born, and have unconsciously adopted the masks well-intentioned close people have given us. You do not need to carry them. Ever. You need to return home to who you are as a human being. Possibility amidst pessimism. Power amidst allegations. Prayer and peace amidst chaos. Productive, creative and rising forward amidst already given up tribe. Uplifting amidst pulling down. Happiness and gratitude amidst difficulty.

That is who you are. All the negativities that have been fed into your mind are simply illusions if you are willing to enter the awesomeness salon of your life. And then, what would happen is, anyone who enters the awesomeness salon of your life, is going to get what all you have. That is service. That is humanity. That is being the hero.