Oxygen, oxygen, oxygen!!!!

If you want to stay sane and get to know yourself better,

If you want to be of help to everyone and not be a burden on them,

If you are willing to look for a deeper meaning to your life,

If you want to live a happy, fulfilled and awesome life,

If you want to be a torch of possibility and not a beam of sadness,

If you want to be Richie Rich, financially, emotionally, spiritually and in relationships,

If you want to be Just The Best version of yourself,

Then please go out into the woods and have some real oxygen. The time spent by you in the woods is non-negotiable, is The Best Place where your best ideas come, is the only place you get your solutions, and is the only place that makes you younger and happier. You can afford to miss it only if you do not want any of the things mentioned above.