Discipline? Whatttt????

We run away from ourselves when we allow ourselves to be compared or joked around.

We are not in true alignment with our inner wisdom which is whispering to us to “not” to do or eat something and instead, adopt a simpler approach to life.

You are doing injustice to yourself when you are using your power of tolerance when actually you should be using the power to face.

Celebrities, whom we see wowing themselves in every area of their lives, are no different from the rest of the population not having a blue tick on their social media profiles. What makes them successful is that they are disciplined to reach to the peak in their life. It simply means that anyone with the discipline to reach the peak or experience happiness in their lives, can do it by……discipline. Not to mention that we can do ‘anything’ to lose weight apart from eating right and working out.

Oh, and btw, did I just tell you, that practising discipline is much easier than comparison, not following your intuition, eating dry oats and tolerating meaningless tantrums of disciplineless people.