Keep yourself safe

Each morning when you leave the safety confines of your home, you are exposed to innumerable dangers. Some are physical dangers like a fatal accident, probability of which is remote.

A lot of dangers which are bound to occur are very big in number, and sadly most of us aren’t even aware of them are emotional dangers. For example, being a part of unnecessary gossip, having friendship with toxic people, discouraging each human being for their flaws are the emotional dangers that unaware human beings inflict on themselves. It is the only reason why people start dying and getting old once they start doing their job: because they have shifted from growth personality to unaware taken for granted personality, which withers them every moment like dizzying speeds.

Can you be in the world and yet be guarded against these meaningless ruffles of the world? Of course you can. Protect your aura. Your aura is your battery. You not only have to charge it every morning, you not only have to take care of its battery several times during the day, you also have to protect it against the battery drainers by not entangling with anyone having a less positive aura than you.

Take this as a mantra: Protect your aura (battery) and notice what happens in terms of your happiness, productivity and amazing awesomeness.