What is the story?

The story is how you make everyone feel once they enter your aura. You are the living example of your exact story.

Numbers and goals are very important. However the only thing that lasts long after you have gone is how you made other people feel in your presence.

If there could be only one thing that you could ever do to serve the world, it would be to become the walking, shining, stunning, gorgeous model of possibility and amazing awesomeness. Be the you that no one can take away from you. And the only propeller that will make you aligned with that Amazing You is to do work that you are proud to do. There is no other way to create a wonderful story unless you find fulfilment like awe in your work.

So if you want to write an amazing story that makes every human being feel better and confident inside, do two things:

1. Work on yourself. The inner identity. Consistently. Always keep learning and growing. There is no top end.

2. Do work that makes you go to bed in peace and fulfilment. It is the compass that keeps you on track when challenges arise, so that you become stronger and more powerful.