Do’s and Do-not’s

Do have great fulfilling friendships and relationships. Do not invest that part of your trust that you cannot afford to lose.

Do be humblest and kindest person you know. Do not ever allow anyone to cross a boundary that is important to you.

Do the work that is just the most awesome in the world. Do not sacrifice your family and health to get there.

Do have a wonderful empire owning most awesome riches. Do not ever be owned by them.

Do focus on hitting the sale, creating wondrous productivity and delivering outrageous value by creating a valuable team. Do not ever do it at the cost of hurting a human being.

Do have a To-Do List. Do not forget the two pillar stones of it: Stop Doing list and To Be list.

If we want to have a focussed direction in life, knowing what not to do is equally if not more important than what is to be done.

What are some of your do’s and do-not’s? Do them now…..only if you want to have a focussed creative life.