Why distraction is so important

In order to remain focussed on what you truly want to achieve, you definitely must get out of what is distracting you. This distraction definitely is not what the external interruptions are, even though they need to eliminated. The distraction is the story you have been telling yourself about why you cannot accomplish a particular task or why there is something that is out of your reach.

The only thing you need to work upon is your story or your emotions, which will guide your actions and make your life worth remembering for. How do we do that? By taking action on taking charge of your emotions. Do not allow them to be boggled by what you should be doing according to someone else. You are the master, guide your mind to do what it must be doing.

Focus comes from creating the distraction from the unnecessary or waste that is no longer serving you; and then driving your emotions so that they do not go towards those habits and patterns again.