Is this you really wanna die with?

With great education comes great financial fortune (and sometimes it comes without great education) and that financial fortune gives us the right to do anything we desire….be it partying hard or late nights or eating lavishly or simply shopping a lot.

What does not ever come with financial fortune is the discernment of how to spend your life. Imagine your death occurring suddenly whilst you were spending the lavish money you had earned.

Or there is another option. You choose for minimal external stimuli and rather go create some value to the project that you know is superimportant to you. Or maybe spend some time with your family instead of spending money just because you have a lot of it.

If we are not aware, we may live our entire lives chasing money. While making loads of money is great, it is going to be superawesome if you also take your sanity, happiness, family and contribution to the world as your priorities.

So that….

… the end…..

….you meet the end with pride in your eyes.