How to determine your worth

Here is a test to determine how much you are worth: look at the lives you are impacting. The more valuable you become for people the more you are going to be worth.

Look at any suffering or pain in your life. You know why did that keep you stuck for long and is probably still doing it? Because you and I were focussed on me, my, myself. Now that is important, because if you do not add superlative value to yourself, there is no way by which you could become valuable to anyone. But if you do not find meaning and a spiritual lesson for growth in your suffering, which always is sneaking to be learnt by us, the suffering is going to engulf us in their circles.

So what to do? Ask yourself: how can I add immense value in the world through the lessons I learnt from this pain? And it is definitely not going to be immediate or when you are in the middle of pain.

However if you make a decision every single day, to create massive value for your customers and every human being you meet (sometimes that simply happens with being authentic and a humane smile) you are going to make it into a habit and then you are going to do that amidst any situation that is thrown at you.

That is your net worth.