Resilience and rejoice

Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg talk about resilience that it is like a muscle. The more you flex it, the more it grows. Like any muscle you stop using, it withers over a period of time and becomes a reason of pain and unease.

So be it in your work / family / life, etc., if we are not working to expand our limits, being and doing more for people most important to us, not taking care of ourselves in the first place, we are ultimately and unknowingly degrading all these blessings.

No matter how much we think we will have time in the future, darling, had that been the truth you won’t have felt so much discomfort that you are feeling now. It is not your fault. We all have been hallucinated by the society to put everyone else first and ultimately end up losing on ourselves. It is going to be damn difficult for the human who has not protected himself, for the learned, careful and continuously expanding person, life is going to be a wonderful journey in rejoice, because they have patiently and with discipline, built the muscle of their resilience.

Resilience. Power.