Good to go with optimism

I certainly do not know what you are going through. The fact is: the only way you could get outta what you are going through is by getting out of yourself.

Strange and true.

Positivity is the only in thing. The only way you are going to experience monumental change in the way you live your life is by finding what is the best thing taking place right now. Even in the middle of a terrible situation, there are always things to look into that are immensely great, just lying in your lap.

And yes, positivity does not mean in ignorance of the problem at hand or simply letting it flourish. Positivity is the joy you put out onto the table whilst dealing with your problems. That is the joy.

Well, if you could carve out 4 minutes to watch this new video to learning to sustain positive thoughts, it would be a great pleasure of mine.

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